About us

LIONEX GmbH: World's leading producer and source of mycobacterial antigens for diagnostics and vaccine development

LIONEX is extra-ordinarily committed to the cause of TUBERCULOSIS for the past 18 years

LIONEX Diagnostics & Therapeutics GmbH is a German biotech company active in the fields of biomedicine and human health with special emphasis on TUBERCULOSIS (TB). Our focus is on research and product development for infectious diseases and cancer. LIONEX is actively participating and/or coordinating a number of research projects funded by the European Union, The WHO, FIND, German Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF), German Federal Ministry of Commerce (BMWi).  Research fields include diagnostics, vaccine and drug development, bladder cancer biomarkers and bladder cancer therapeutics.

LIONEX produces and supplies one of the largest numbers of mycobacterial antigens and monoclonal antibodies for research world-wide.

LIONEX is developing novel Diagnostics for Tuberculosis and HIV based on a series of proprietary platforms. Our aim is to manufacture cost-effective but high quality, rapid tests for diseases endemic countries. LIONEX is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified and has excellent, state-of-the art infrastructure including molecular biology CAT-I, and CAT-II laboratories with access to CAT-III labs. Manufacturing mashines and facilities for Large scale Lateral Flow Tests as In-Vitro-Diagnostics (IVD) are available at LIONEX.

LIONEX cooperates with big pharma and large, international diagnostic companies for the development and production of diagnostic tests.

We are highly active in the area of custom production of recombinant proteins in several expression systems including E.coli, Insect cells, B.subtilis, Lactococcus lactis, M.smegmatis.

Our highly efficient expression systems and purification strategies enable us to produce 1-2 mg of recombinant proteins within 4-6 weeks for pilot experiments. If required, we can scale up the production to gram quantities for customers.