LIOFeron TB/LTBI: A new IGRA test introduced by LIONEX


A novel IGRA test recently introduced on the market by LIONEX

Human tuberculosis (TB) is a global health problem of immense social and economic importance. There are more than 14 million individuals dually infected with TB and HIV. Diagnosis of human TB is extremely difficult, time-consuming and in-efficient. No efficient, cost effective tests are available for an early diagnosis of these infections. Diagnosis of infection with M. tuberculosis pathogen is of relevance even though a vast majority of the people with Latent TB Infection (LTBI) never develop tuberculosis except when their immune system weakens due to HIV or cancer, for example.

As is true for the other IGRA tests on the market, LIOFeron®TB/LTBI cannot differentiate between LTBI and active TB.


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