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LIOFeron® FAQs


1  What kind of test is it?

LIOFeron® TB/LTBI is an immunological test diagnosing infection with latent tuberculosis, more

scientifically called Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI).

2  Can LIOFeron® TB/LTBI also diagnose active TB?

Yes, but this test similar to all other IGRA tests, cannot differentiate between active TB and LTBI.

3  Have clinical studies been done with LIOFeron® TB/LTBI?

Yes, it has been evaluated in three independent TB hospitals, many more studies are in progress. Please see the published paper on

4  What if the QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus and LIOFeron® TB/LTBI results are different?

I such cases, one has to consider results of further tests, such as microscopy, culture, PCR tests, skintest and clinical symptoms.

5  Which antigens Tube is more important for LTBI diagnosis by LIOFeron® TB/LTBI?

The tube containing ANT A proteins.

6  Can we use Instruments, ELISA readers of different manufacturers?

Yes, the current version of LIOFeron® TB/LTBI can be used on any open system.

7- Is there any software to automatically analyse the results of LIOFeron® TB/LTBI?

Yes, we have developed a STAND-ALONE SOFTWARE called LIOFERON®, which can automatically

analyse the results. You can download the LIOFERON software at LIOFERON-SOFTWARE

8  Do we need additional reagents while using the LIOFeron® TB/LTBI kit?

No, all reagents and components are provided with the LIOFeron® TB/LTBI kit (Blood stimulation tubes and ELISA plates).

9  Can we collect blood directly in the LIOFeron® TB/LTBI kit tubes?

No, blood must be collected first in proper Li-Heparin tubes and then dispensed into the tubes provided in the LIOFeron® TB/LTBI kit according to the instructions of use.

10  Are the LIOFeron® TB/LTBI kit tubes, screw-cap blood stimulation tubes?

No, you have to pull the caps to open and press tightly to close the caps.

11  Do we need a CO2 incubator?

Not necessary, but you can use one if available.

12  What is the reason for using IGRA tests in endemic countries, where there is a very high proportion of LTBI?

Such tests are helpful if clinical symptoms indicate active TB, since a positive result of an IGRA test shall confirm infection with MTB to a high degree.

13  Are such IGRA tests useful for population screening with TB-prevalence in mind?

No, such IGRA tests are not specific for active TB and hence, cannot be used for determining prevalence of active TB in a population.


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