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Research Projects


Lionex Gmbh

LIONEX research activities include the following:

Human and Bovine TUBERCULOSIS and other infectious diseases: Vaccine and diagnostic product development

CANCER, specially urinary bladder cancer: A therapeutic protein ready for Phase I trials

LATERAL FLOW TECHNOLOGY: Manufacture of a series of lateral flow tests, innovation in this technology

HIV VACCINE DEVELOPMENT: A candidate vaccine ready for Phase II trials in collaboration with KCL

LIONEX is actively participating and/or coordinating a number of research projects funded by the European Union, The WHO, FIND, German Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF), German Federal Ministry of Commerce (BMWi).  Research fields include diagnostics, vaccine and drug development, bladder cancer biomarkers and bladder cancer therapeutics.

Lionex Gmbh

World's Leading Producer And Source Of TUBERCULOSIS/ Mycobacterial Antigens For Diagnostics And Vaccine Development

LIONEX  is a German biotech company active in the fields of biomedicine and human health with special emphasis on TUBERCULOSIS (TB). Our focus is on research and In-Vitro-Diagnostic (IVD) product development for infectious diseases and cancer. LIONEX has recently launched a new IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) diagnostic test  called LIOFeron®TB/LTBI for LTBI (Latent Tuberculosis Infection). It may also react positive in TB patients also but, as for other similar IGRA tests on the market, it cannot differentiate between LTBI and active TB.


LIONEX is a leading manufacturer of highly purified, endotoxin free, mycobacterial antigens for research on tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases.

LIONEX is the licensed, exclusive manufacturer and distributor of a widely known family of endotoxin removal resin under the brand name EndoTrap®. EndoGrade®Ovalbumin is another useful product for research on vaccine development.

Bovine tuberculosis tests are also available for research.

LIONEX has state of the manufacturing facilities for IVD-Lateral Flow Tests. All products are manufactured in Germany. All productions are done under  ISO compliant conditions.

We are a highly reliable partner for OEM products for companies active in manufacturing and distribution of such products worldwide.

LIONEX partners and clients are large diagnostic companies, distributors, research institutions, universities, hospitals located on all continents.



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